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I thought I would start this blog with the question we are often asked when doing site surveys for office cleaning, which is ‘Can you get these stains out of the carpet?’  The answer is usually yes, most stains on office carpets are drink related spillages.  (I sometimes wonder what people do at home when they accidentally spill something!). 

However, in the office environment most spillages on carpets and floors are left untreated and will eventually need a professional carpet clean to remove the stains.

When stains are left on the carpet for months sometimes years, it is harder to remove them completely, and not only is it unhygienic to leave drink and food bacteria in the carpet it is also very unsightly and makes the whole office look and feel a bit grubby.

With this in mind we are currently offering a carpet and floor cleaning maintenance care package which can be incorporated in our daily cleaning schedule.  This gives you stain free carpets and floors throughout the year – an in depth clean would only be required every couple of years.  Having a maintenance programme in place is very cost effective, as you are paying a little bit each month rather than a lump sum, and you have a consistently clean carpet.

Not only does an efficient floor cleaning and maintenance schedule prolong the life of your expensive flooring, if your floors are looking a bit the worse for wear it is the first thing to catch the eye.  Clean carpets and floors will make your staff more careful about spilling things on them too, and will give your visitors a good first impression of your business.

It may not feel like the beginning of the Summer season but it is, so why not call us in to give you a fresh start with clean carpets and floors.  If you are not ready to change your cleaning service then we can just clean your carpets or floors, and when you are thinking of changing your cleaning contractor you will know you can rely on Thames Valley Cleaning Services.

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